Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fries and Dolls : My First Run In With A Calgary Food Truck

Last night was the elementary school's awards night and we were fortunate to have the popular Fries and Dolls outside the event serving dinner. Here's a look at our menu:

The pink truck and the whimsical names of the dishes stand out, attract attention and are fun. Not the fastest way to get a dog and fries but everything is put together to order which was worth waiting for.

The fries were hot, crisp and nicely dressed. The Farrah fries - Garlic, Parsley and Parm - were not shy on garlic, so be warned, but they were addictive and delicious.

The Fergie - Vinegar, Pink Sea Salt and Pepper - was a bit heavy on the vinegar but also delicious. The Audrey - Pink Sea Salt and Pepper - that we received was very short on pepper (actually, it was non existent - perhaps forgotten? or just kid friendly?) but you can see that the fries are cooked well. All the fries were served with Ketchup or a spicy mayo based Chipotle sauce or both, your choice.

And now, on to the hot dogs:

The Daisy Duke - Chipotle, BBQ and Cheese - was on the greasy side and the BBQ sauce was too sweet, a bit more tang would have complemented the richness of the Chipotle, but the bun was fresh and soft and the dogs are HUGE! It was fun watching the elementary kids tackle them.

All in all, the food truck experience was fun and a great way to satisfy your craving for fries. It was certainly a lot for your money. I would love to find out why they chose the names they did for the fries and dogs, though the Sophia seemed self-explanatory.

Kiss Kiss, The Dolls

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